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Sierra Tree & Fungi 



Revitalize and unleash the full potential of your property with our expert tree care services.

Navigate tree troubles with expertise and professional care.

Our specialized inspections give you a comprehensive and accurate tree assessment to ensure our work gets you what you want and need.

Visual Inspection

We examine for diseases, insect infestations, structural issues, and overall health. This includes checking the canopy, bark, and trunk for visible problems.

Soil and Site Assessment

We evaluate soil composition, drainage, and compaction, including assessing factors like sunlight exposure, proximity to structures or utilities, and potential hazards.

Health and Safety Evaluation

One of our key goals is to identify any immediate safety risks and assess overall tree health, looking for overhanging branches, leaning issues, decay, or structural weaknesses.

Pest and Disease Identification

We do our due diligence to identify specific pests infestations and diseases that may be present so that we can give you appropriate treatment and management strategies.

Our focused and systematic approach provides you with invaluable insights into your tree’s condition and the best actions to maintain its health and safety.

Signature Services

Crafting Excellence in Every Trunk, Branch and Leaf

Precision Pruning and Trimming

Maintains your tree health, appearance, and prevents potential hazards.

Expert Tree Removal

Safely removes risky trees, preventing property damage and harm to others.

Responsive Emergency Services

Within 48-hour immediate assistance for urgent tree-related issues.

Thorough Health Assessments

Identifies and addresses tree health problems early on.

Strategic Planting and Transplanting

Ensures correct tree selection and planting for optimal growth and beauty.

The Remarkable Rewards of Professional Tree Care

A Safer, More Secure Environment

Advanced risk assessment and proactive tree hazard management for peace of mind knowing your property is safe and sound.

An Envious, Eye-Catching Property

Customized pruning and landscape enhancement services to turn heads with a property that stands out in the neighborhood.

A Legacy of Lush, Vibrant Trees


In-depth health evaluations and personalized tree wellness plans to cherish a greener legacy with trees that thrive year after year.

Unlock the Potential of Your Trees 

Ready to enhance the beauty and safety of your property with professional arborist services?

Contact Sierra Tree and Fungi today and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant landscape. Let our expertise work for you – your trees will thank you!

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Common Questions


Is hiring an arborist expensive?

Investing in professional tree care saves money in the long run by preventing costly damages and maintaining property value.

Can I take care of the trees myself?

Professional arborists have the expertise and equipment to ensure safe and effective tree care, which is difficult to replicate with DIY methods.

Will my trees be fine without any intervention?

Maybe. Regular professional assessments can detect and prevent issues that are not immediately visible, and give you a clear understanding of the life expectancy of your tree.

Will tree services ruin my property?

Sierra Tree and Fungi prioritizes minimal disruption and leaves your property clean and tidy post-service.